Round Picnic Table Plan, a very STURDY design !


The tabletop is cedar, 54" round, and the legs are made from treated wood. My design put the table together with no nails or screws showing on the tabletop, because that would invite moisture and rot.

I built my table after my old table fell apart from rot. The old table was bought at a garage sale several years ago & served me well. After I tossed it out, I went shopping for another table, but that was a futile exercise. I could not find a well-built large round table for a reasonable price. Nope, none out there.

After I finished this project, my nephew made a comment to me about how heavy it looks. I told him he was used to seeing commercial products designed to be as light as possible for shipping purposes. I wanted a sturdy table, not the very lightest table I could build.

The old table had legs that were crossed in the middle; they were 2x4’s, notched and bolted together. But that’s where the rot started, in the joint, around the bolts, in the notches. So I designed a table that doesn’t have notches or bolts.

Price Comparison

Recently I got a Lands End catalog in the mail. Mostly I buy clothes for my daughter from them. My last purchase for her was a down jacket and 2 pair of jeans, and I was pleased with them on arrival.

So I browsed through the new catalog to see what I could see. Not really expecting to buy anything else right now, don‘t have the money. Did you know they sell outdoor furniture now? It looks like nice stuff too. Some is made of teak, very attractive. I was especially interested to see they have a round outdoor table made of teak. So I zoomed in on it. Not because I’m interested in buying one, just wanted to compare it to my own table. Their table looks very nice, a little more complex table top design, but the legs look less sturdy than mine, and my design has a place to rest your feet.

Then I saw the price. $900.00. A $900.00 teak table. Sheesh, I have never even spent $900.00 on an indoor dining room table, and certainly not on an outdoor table. I’m sure I never will either. Heck, even if I won a million in the lottery, I wouldn’t spend that much on outdoor furniture. I’d move to a nicer house, but I would take my own hand made table with me. If you have that kind of money, go ahead and buy the table from Land’s End. I’ll even provide a link to that page, HERE and no, I don’t get paid if you click on it or buy the table. Update, the Land's End teak table is now $950.00.

Or, you could build a round picnic table like I did.


I'll summarize the assembly for you on the following pages. Unfortunately I did not think to take pictures while building it, but it's really a simple design, so you should be able to figure it out OK. If you have a question, email me.


This is a picture diary of my project, it is not a complete set of instructions for you to follow. You may be able to get the concept from my website, you will have to have some general knowledge of the universe to complete a similar project successfully. If your table or benches collapse, you must have done something wrong, it worked for me, I am not responsible for your failure.

Good luck.

Send me a picture if you do make a table & I'll post it here for all the world to see.

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We spend too much time indoors. Build a table for your deck, patio or just put it on the lawn. Go outside for fresh air and sunshine as often as possible, even if it's just for 15 minutes.

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