Picnic Table Benches

The bench from a top/front view. Use two 2x6's for each bench top. Cut one in half, making a curve.

Here's a diagram of how to cut the bench seat.

How to cut the bench top

The bench from the back.

Leg and brace detail. I used two 2x4's at each end, sandwiched between two braces. The legs are 15" long. I glued them all together. I put screws through the braces and into the legs. Assemble the legs upside down on a FLAT surface.


Shopping List for Benches

To make two benches you need;

  • Four boards for top, 2x6's, cut to 45 1/2" long, look them over for nice boards
  • Eight 2x4's each 15" long for legs
  • Eight 2x4's each 12" long for leg braces
  • Deck screws, glue, drill, etc.
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It's great to have a nice big table for company. The benches are nice for kids and Moms to sit on together.

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