Assemble the Picnic Table Base

Round picnic tableStart by assembling the base. You need a flat surface to work on. Don't use a sloping driveway.

Make the table base with 4x4's. They are 28" long, and I had them cut by my neighboorhood lumberyard so they would be all the same.

You want the legs attached 19" apart and centered to the 51" 2x4's. First find the center of the 2x4's, mark it with a pencil. Attach each leg 9 1/2" from the center. Attach using a glob of construction glue, and at least 2 deck screws.

Then I attached the 26" long 2x4's on the inside and below the 51" 2x4's, spacing the legs 19" apart.

Once your table base is assembled, add the tabletop boards. I worked from underneath to do this. I attached each top board to the 51" 2x4's first with a bit of glue. Then I used screws going through the 2x4 at an angle up into the tabletop boards carefully so as to not break the surface. Try to completely cover the tops of the legs with the boards to avoid exposing the ends. Leave a space between each board of about 1/2".

To make it a round table, use a piece of string taped to the table center to draw a 54" circle. Then use a jigsaw to cut around the line. I borrowed a router from a friend and edged mine. You cound sand yours if you can't get a router.

But remember, only sand the cedar. DON'T sand treated lumber.

Your Foot Rest



Then on the bottom, I used 1x4's on the outside of the legs for bracing the bottom. These are nice for resting your feet on while sitting at the table.

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Fresh air really enhances the appetite. It all tastes better, and my family seems more cheerful and talkative when we eat outside.

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