Some pictures of my table

It's 54" round, with a cedar top. The legs are 4X4’s, braced with 1X4’s around the bottom, and 2X4’s at the top.

I used deck screws and wood construction glue to assemble the base. Then the tabletop boards are glued to the 2X4’s. And in addition, I used screws to attach the tabletop boards to the braces. The screws were put in at an angle from the bottom, through the 2X4 and up into the tabletop boards, carefully so as to not break through the top surface.

Once the base and top were assembled, I used string and a pencil to draw a circle on the top and cut it.

Round picnic table

Table and matching benches

Here it is on my deck, with the benches I made the next year. Yes, it took me a whole year to figure that design out and make them. Until then I used the old benches and lawn chairs. I did copy the curve of the seat from the old benches. But just like the old table, the old bench legs were crossed, notched, and bolted. And that's where the rot set in. So I had to take my time to come up with a design that was less susciptible to rot. Oh, & the old bench design was prone to tipping if you sat on one end. So I also wanted a more stable design.

The benches were made with 2x4's for the legs and the leg braces. I used 2x6's for the seats. I traced the curve on the old bench & used that as my pattern.

If we have more than 4 people eating, we use the benches as you see them in the picture, and lawn chairs on the other 2 sides. You could make 4 benches & then it would seat 8 people.

fire up the grill sky at sunset chipmunk burgers on the grill yellow roses

I love going out in my back yard to sit at my table. I especially like going out in the early morning with a cup of tea to watch the day warming up, and the birds swooping around.

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